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What's the Big Deal With Edited Music?

Here's a little story we got to tell....

   Does anyone remember when "Golddigger" by Kanye West first came out? The year was 2005, and it was the hottest joint hitting at that time! It was played at every nightclub, people would play it in their rides, and others would blast it in their homes, etc. The beat was banging, the lyrics were tight, and everybody loved it because it was fresh, stylish, and really inventive with the way Kanye used the Ray Charles sample. Unfortunately, one of our learning lessons as a DJ company also came associated with that song. 
We were deejaying a family reunion in PA when of course, someone came up to us and requested that song. We were more than happy to play it, and when we let it spin, we expected to see people stop what they were doing, whether it be eating, playing cards, or arm wrestling, to get up and either dance to the beat or nod their head to the song. "Golddigger" was the hottest cut on the radio and practically everybody had heard it. What happened next changed our philosphy on deejaying forever. Instead of seeing people rock to Kanye's newest hit, we noticed the older generation frown, shake their heads, and turn away from it in silent disgust. Here it was, the hottest song out at that time that got everybody bumping in the clubs, and no one over the age of 40 was feeling it, and we had no idea why. It was at that point that we actually "listened" to the song. We listened to how Kanye threw out the "n-word" in every hook and cursed during his verses. We saw how even though the younger generation may have grooved to it, the older generation were somehat embarrassed by it.
   At that point we realized what we were doing wrong. As a company, we had forecasted from time to time that we would eventually need to get clean edits to our rap songs but, since the majority of our time was spent deejaying in bars and clubs, we always thought that we could take our time in acquiring them. It seemed that rap  and hip hop songs with curse words were and still are everywhere, and there was no getting away from them. As a society, we've reached a point in our time that by calling our fellow men derogatory terms or denigrating our women is commercially acceptable. Personally, we couldn't believe what we were doing. Looking at the expressions of the older family members and how each of them (in their own way) had fought to get their children a better quality of life by defeating all types of stereotypes was heartbreaking to say the least. Basically, all of us that loved hearing that song being played at that moment, that were dancing to it, and that were mimicking the lyrics to it, were creating the ultimate disrespect to our older generations. And here our company was unknowingly one of the biggest hypocrites, because we were the one that "supplied" it and created that terrible scenario.
   After that song went off, we vowed to never knowingly play another dirty version song ever again. Whether it be hip hop, rock n roll, mainstream or whatever, we now edit all of our songs ourselves in our home studio and refuse to play them unless we know that they have met our approval. With our editing expertise, we have no need to distort the lyrics or place funny sound effects or substitute crazy stuff in them, for we edit them with a part of the beat from the song itself simply to make sure the song flows uninterrupted as if you were listening to the regular version itself. To this point we must've edited over 5000 songs, and at this rate in our ever changing society, it seems that we'll have a lot more to do.
   When people ask us why we do this, we tell them it's because we want everyone to enjoy the music that we play. We want to be able to play our music everywhere and anywhere, and we do it because no other dj company wants to take the time and tedious effort to keep all of their music collection completely edited. No other dj company edits music as well and as frequently as we do and no other dj company has as many edited rap and hip hop songs as J.A.M. Masters does.  J.A.M. Master's strives on being the best when it comes to the shows that we do and the music that we play. Our professionalism makes it very hard for other dj companies to match what we can bring to the table. We are extremely proud to say, "We Are J.A.M. Master's, and J.A.M. Master's We Are." If you are reading this, please feel free to send a request to your friends on this site to become fans of J.A.M. Masters, because we keep it more real than any other DJ or DJ company. To us, music is a gift from God himself, and it should be treated as such. So in closing; to all the rappers, singers, and bands who want to continue to swear, cuss, and demean groups of people to get your point across in your songs, J.A.M. Masters proudly says, "BRING IT!" WE GOT YOUR EDIT RIGHT HERE, BABY!

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beat maker reviews on Monday, December 31, 2012 12:10 AM
I would like to say thanks for your dj company for this great step. Glad to know that you want to be able to play your music everywhere and anywhere. I really like your step. I'll share it with my friends. Thanks for informing me.
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Click here to watch live streaming by Yamgo on Sunday, February 10, 2013 3:03 AM
The issue that you raised in your blog is really very serious, and most of people lose the quality and integrity of such subjects, when they try to pen it down. But, your job is well done.
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Music Download on Monday, March 04, 2013 5:19 AM
Such quality content! I find this article very informative. I am waiting for your next post. Keep it up.
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by clicking here on Monday, December 09, 2013 3:39 AM
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