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The truth about wedding expenses

Be careful if you're looking for the cheapest price for a DJ. You may just get what you’re looking for. Most professional DJ companies establish their prices based on what they feel their professional services are worth while also trying to stay competitive in their market. Consider this...Most brides will not hesitate to spend $2000 - $7000 or even more for their wedding dress, but will look for the cheapest DJ they can find. Here’s something to think about. 98% of your guest will not remember what your dress looked liked AND you only get to wear it ONCE. EVERYONE will remember the DJ, the music that was played and if they danced and had a good time. Now which one do you think you should be willing to pay top dollar for?

What's the Big Deal With Edited Music?

Here's a little story we got to tell....

   Does anyone remember when "Golddigger" by Kanye West first came out? The year was 2005, and it was the hottest joint hitting at that time! It was played at every nightclub, people would play it in their rides, and others would blast it in their homes, etc. The beat was banging, the lyrics were tight, and everybody loved it because it was fresh, stylish, and really inventive with the way Kanye used the Ray Charles sample.